Christmas 2012


33 Dimensions Newsletter
December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012Merry Christmas Everyone!

We wish you all love, peace, and happiness along with good health and fulfilling prosperity in the year to come. Thank you all for making 2012 the best year of our young business so far. We have some exciting new initiatives coming in 2013, which I’ll share with you in the New Year newsletter next week.

Until then, have the happiest and safest of holidays!

Ric Albano
Owner and Creative Director
33 Dimensions LLC

Christmas Entertainment

Our entertainment sites each got into the Christmas spirit with interesting countdowns and reviews.

Big Blue Bullfrog

The 12 Films of Christmas

Classic Rock Review

Classic Rock Christmas Songs

Modern Rock Review

Light In the Dark

Thank You to Our Clients

We sincerely appreciate all our clients and encourage you all to give them your support in the coming year:

The Cornerstone Coffeehouse
The Badlees
Cygnus Wave Records
EMR Strategies
Yoga 4 Healthful Living
Greco Chiropractic
Ron the Bagman
Susquehanna Entertainment
Strella Social Media
Greater Hazleton Historical Society
Olmsted Regional Soccer
Sound Off for Vets
Harrisburg Suburban Little League

We strive for the growth and success of all our customers!

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Christmas 2011


33 Dimensions Newsletter
December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011Merry Christmas Everyone! We wish you all love, peace, and happiness along with good health and fulfilling prosperity. Thank you all for your support and encouragement through the year.

Have the happiest and safest of holidays!

Ric Albano
President and CEO
33 Dimensions LLC

Client News

Big Blue BullfrogToday Big Blue Bullfrog completed their 12 Rock Songs of Christmas countdown, which revealed a new song each day between December 13th and 24th. You can listen to all the songs at the site to help get into the Christmas spirit.

Please be sure to support all our clients, including:

Modern Rock Review    Classic Rock Review    Cygnus Wave   DAMES of PA   The Badlees   Susquehanna Entertainment

We strive for the growth and success of all our customers!

33 Dimensions
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The Autumn Equinox


33 Dimensions Newsletter
September 23, 2011

Autumn EquinoxI originally intended to publish this newsletter two weeks ago as the “NFL Kickoff Edition”. But then much of Pennsylvania was hit by a natural disaster and my friends and neighbors were hit by devastating flooding which affected the lives of thousands of people in northern and central Pennsylvania. So in the big picture, games like NFL Football seemed minor compared to the everyday lives and livelihoods which were turned upside down overnight.

33 Dimensions prides ourselves on being champions of local small businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs, which we believe will be the true engine that brings backs the American economy. We also understand that, in a natural disaster such as this, these small businesses are the ones that take the hardest hits, which may be more easily absorbed by larger companies. So today as the sun crosses the equator, heading south for the winter, we ask you to support local businesses whenever possible. You may be pleasantly surprised by the superior products and services that your neighbors have to offer. Finally, we ask that you keep these flood victims in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d care to make a financial donation you can contribute to the United Way fund listed below or to many other fine organizations which are dedicated to helping the flood victims.

Ric Albano
President and CEO
33 Dimensions LLC

To contribute to this fund, send a check made payable to Capital Region Flood Recovery Fund to:

United Way of the Capital Region
2235 Millennium Way
Enola, PA 17025

To make a donation online, visit

33 Dimensions Services

For a limited time in 2011, we are offering extra special deals for small businesses and individuals in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. It is our small way of helping our neighbors rebuild and get back on their feet. Of course, our service, quality, and dedication to your custom needs will remain at 100% throughout all phases of your project. For more info, please check out our Services page.

33 Dimensions is also extending many of the Summer deals into Autumn and offering consulting services where a representative will sit down and personally answer any and all your questions about establishing a web presence. Here we’ll give you an honest analysis of what your business or organization needs, even if it is a service or specialty that 33 Dimensions does not offer. Please call (717) 829-4221 for more details.

Client News

Big Blue BullfrogThe extensive redesign of is complete! Along with all the great articles, reviews, and works from the past, the sight now features regular articles including the observations and rants of The Cultural Communist, the weekly NFL football analysis of Tuesday Morning Tailback, and a brand new political column which debuted today called The Soul of the Nation. Big Blue Bullfrog also recently launched its Twitter Feed.

True Fear ProductionsThe seasonal Halloween attraction, Carnival of Souls opens in just one week on Friday, September 30th in Mountaintop, PA. The attraction is custom built, with all original props, characters, and storyline and is open to thrill seekers of all ages.

Sound Off for Veteran's DaySound Off for Veteran’s Day will take place on Friday, November 11th at Champions Sports Bar in Highspire, PA. This benefit concert will feature excellent live entertainment through the afternoon and evening with all proceed benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Tickets will be on sale within the coming weeks and will include a dinner buffet and a chance to win some great prizes. For more info, check out the event’s website.

Susquehanna EntertainmentThe Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center will be celebrating its grand opening this weekend with two big events. On Saturday (09/24), The Perfect 5th welcomes the public to their facility for an open house. Then on Sunday (09/25), the school is sponsoring a master class by internationally renowned guitarist Steve Vai at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg.

Cygnus WaveA special sneak peak at the brand new design is now online at The sight will ultimately showcase all the music in its ever-growing library with lyrics and facts about each song. The website is still being built, but at the moment all selections from Imaginary Lines 33.

Modern Rock ReviewAs Modern Rock Review approaches its first birthday on October 10th, many plans for a site upgrade in 2012 are currently being discussed. The site will continue offering in-depth profiles through the rest of 2011, including a huge feature on Lenny Kucinski in November. Unfortunately, the planned October feature on Darcie Miner has been postponed because Darcie was one the victims of the Pennsylvania flooding.

Classic Rock ReviewClassic Rock Review continues its 45th anniversary look at the albums of 1966 with recent reviews of albums by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Simon & Garfunkel. Beyond the regular album reviews, the site will also begin having special features starting in October.

The Badlees have scheduled a few upcoming shows including Friday, October 21st at the Jim Thorpe Opera House in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Their song of the month for September is “Drive Back Home” from their most recent album Love Is Rain.

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Elvis Has Left the Building


33 Dimensions Newsletter
August 16, 2011

Elvis PresleyIt’s hard to believe that’s been 34 years since Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n Roll, passed away. Even though I was only eight years old at the time, I still remember that day in 1977 vividly. It was a hot summer day and I was riding my skateboard when a neighbor lady with curlers in her hair came running out of her apartment building shouting that Elvis had died. Soon a large group had gathered around, most of them skeptical, claiming that the news must have been part of some practical joke. Unfortunately, the news was true.

Beyond being the first real “rock star”, Elvis also played an important role in the evolution of American music. He came from Tupelo, Mississippi, right in the heart of the Delta blues scene as it proliferated through the 30s, 40s, and 50s. He took these influences and forged his own style, which sent ripples through America in the 1950s as well as Britain and the rest of the world a decade later. This opened the floodgates to some of the greatest music ever produced.

In honor of Elvis, 33 Dimensions dedicates this newsletter to the wonderful art form of music. Many of our clients are in the music industry and there will be much going on in the near future. So after a very brief business announcement, we’ll talk nothing but music.

Ric Albano
President and CEO
33 Dimensions LLC

33 Dimensions Summer Special

As we’ve been advertising since May, 33 Dimensions has been offering a 33% discount on all services through Labor Day. Response to this offer has been tremendous and we appreciate all of you who have given us your business. However, due to this tremendous response, starts to new projects may be delayed a month or two as we give existing clients their due time and effort.

We will still honor the 33% discount on any new business agreed to between now and Labor Day, with the understanding that our normally quick production time will be stretched out a bit longer.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Now, back to the music…

Client News (Rock and Roll Edition)

Susquehanna EntertainmentOn August 6th we launched the new website for Susquehanna Entertainment, an artist management and independent record company founded and operated by Terry Selders. Terry is also working with The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center in Mechanicsburg, PA, who will officially open their doors in late September in conjunction with a Master Class by guitar legend Steve Vai.

DAMES of PAToday (August 16th) is the official release date of The Invisible Man, the second solo album by Chris Nelson. A review of the album has been published on DAMES of PA, who brought reviewer Sigourney Soul out of retirement for the occasion. This follows a recent feature and review on the site of Hot Wing Jones and their latest album, Tanker A.

Modern Rock ReviewModern Rock Review recently published a profile on Mark Oliver Everett and Eels entitled The “E” Files. The site will celebrate its first birthday on October 10th with a bit of a “face lift” stylistically as well as an in-depth profile on one of Central Pennsylvania’s top musical talents, Darcie Miner.

Classic Rock ReviewAt the end of August, Classic Rock Review will complete its 20th anniversary look at the albums of 1991 and move on to the 45th anniversary look at 1966, a year that included Pet Sounds, em>Revolver, Blonde On Blonde, and many more true classics.

Imaginary LinesRumor has it that ideas are being tossed around concerning a new Imaginary Lines album in 2012. This, despite repeated pronouncements from the project’s leader that their 2009 comprehensive collection, Imaginary Lines 33, would be the final output by the band. Stay tuned.

Another band working on new material is The Badlees. Their website’s song of the month for August is “Four Leaf Clover” from their 2002 album Renew. Future updates to the Badlees site will include bios of each band member, a timeline of their long career, and, of course, any news about a new album or future shows.

Cygnus WaveA benefit concert called Sound Off for Veteran’s Day will take place on Friday, November 11th (11/11/11). Planning is in the initial stages and further information will be provided in the near future at:

33 Dimensions is currently developing our biggest online musical initiative to date, called The River of Rock. This is still in the works but will be forthcoming sometime over the winter 2011-12. This initiative will work with many elements of the music industry to promote, document, and celebrate original music and art from Central Pennsylvania, past, present, and future. Stay tuned for much more on this in future newsletters.

33 Dimensions
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One Small Step for Man

Moon Landing, July 20, 1969Today is the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, when Americans proved to the world that we can accomplish anything once we set our mind to it. There is no doubt that small businesses today face a sluggish economy and much uncertainty, but this may also be an opportune time to take advantage of low-cost solutions such as those we provide at 33 Dimensions.

One Giant Leap for J.D. Cook

I cannot express how proud I am of my son, J.D. Cook, who just this morning let me know that he has finally completed writing his debut novel The Village Green. He started this novel three years ago while still in high school and he is now 20 and headed into his junior year at St. John’s University in New York.

For those of you close to our family, you may recall the many short stories and the few novellas he wrote through his adolescent years, starting way back at age 10, a full decade ago. But this is a really big deal to us – a full-fledged, bona fide novel! It exceeds 60,000 words in length and (yes, I’m obviously bias here) it is an excellent and entertaining read.

The novel does still need to be edited and, perhaps, processed through some peer review, so there is still a ways to go before it becomes an actual “book”. We are hopefully optimistic that it will be published and available by the end of 2011, maybe just in time to add to your Christmas list. In the coming months, check out (currently under construction) for much more information on The Village Green.

Remember to please support local businesses, local music, and in this case, local authors!

Ric Albano
President and CEO
33 Dimensions LLC

Client News

Susquehanna EntertainmentWe are happy to welcome our latest client, Susquehanna Entertainment, for whom we are currently building a website. The company was founded and is operated by Terry Selders, offers management services, and is also a record label with many new projects in the works.

True Fear ProductionsThe Tru Fear Productions site has been updated in the past week. The Carnival of Fears is a haunted attraction, featuring original characters, effects, and animatronics, which will be held in Mountaintop, PA from September 30th through Halloween, 2011.

DAMES of PADAMES of PA recently published articles that featured Chris Nelson and The Briggs Farm Blues Festival, and they will soon be posting a feature on Hot Wing Jones and their brand new album Tanker A within a few days.

Modern Rock ReviewThis week Modern Rock Review will be publishing a feature on the New York-based power trio Fools On Sunday. Upcoming features will profile Eels, Darcie Miner, and Lenny Kucinski.

Classic Rock ReviewClassic Rock Review continues to feature reviews of the best albums released in 1991 (now through the end of August). The most recent reviews include The Dylans, both Use Your Illusions by Guns n’ Roses, and Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz.

Big Blue BullfrogAs mentioned above, Big Blue Bullfrog is currently under construction and will be the central place for info on J.D. Cook’s novel The Village Green. The site will also be reformed as a “thinking man’s site” – a place to discuss art, music, culture, philosophy, politics, and NFL football.

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