One Small Step for Man

Moon Landing, July 20, 1969Today is the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, when Americans proved to the world that we can accomplish anything once we set our mind to it. There is no doubt that small businesses today face a sluggish economy and much uncertainty, but this may also be an opportune time to take advantage of low-cost solutions such as those we provide at 33 Dimensions.

One Giant Leap for J.D. Cook

I cannot express how proud I am of my son, J.D. Cook, who just this morning let me know that he has finally completed writing his debut novel The Village Green. He started this novel three years ago while still in high school and he is now 20 and headed into his junior year at St. John’s University in New York.

For those of you close to our family, you may recall the many short stories and the few novellas he wrote through his adolescent years, starting way back at age 10, a full decade ago. But this is a really big deal to us – a full-fledged, bona fide novel! It exceeds 60,000 words in length and (yes, I’m obviously bias here) it is an excellent and entertaining read.

The novel does still need to be edited and, perhaps, processed through some peer review, so there is still a ways to go before it becomes an actual “book”. We are hopefully optimistic that it will be published and available by the end of 2011, maybe just in time to add to your Christmas list. In the coming months, check out (currently under construction) for much more information on The Village Green.

Remember to please support local businesses, local music, and in this case, local authors!

Ric Albano
President and CEO
33 Dimensions LLC

Client News

Susquehanna EntertainmentWe are happy to welcome our latest client, Susquehanna Entertainment, for whom we are currently building a website. The company was founded and is operated by Terry Selders, offers management services, and is also a record label with many new projects in the works.

True Fear ProductionsThe Tru Fear Productions site has been updated in the past week. The Carnival of Fears is a haunted attraction, featuring original characters, effects, and animatronics, which will be held in Mountaintop, PA from September 30th through Halloween, 2011.

DAMES of PADAMES of PA recently published articles that featured Chris Nelson and The Briggs Farm Blues Festival, and they will soon be posting a feature on Hot Wing Jones and their brand new album Tanker A within a few days.

Modern Rock ReviewThis week Modern Rock Review will be publishing a feature on the New York-based power trio Fools On Sunday. Upcoming features will profile Eels, Darcie Miner, and Lenny Kucinski.

Classic Rock ReviewClassic Rock Review continues to feature reviews of the best albums released in 1991 (now through the end of August). The most recent reviews include The Dylans, both Use Your Illusions by Guns n’ Roses, and Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz.

Big Blue BullfrogAs mentioned above, Big Blue Bullfrog is currently under construction and will be the central place for info on J.D. Cook’s novel The Village Green. The site will also be reformed as a “thinking man’s site” – a place to discuss art, music, culture, philosophy, politics, and NFL football.

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