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RHIFF design 2022

Richard Harris International Film Festival

Since it’s origin in 2013, the Richard Harris International Film Festival is an annual event held in Limerick Ireland in honor of the legendary actor after whom it is named. The festival showcases shorts and features screenings, innovative live events and a unique live-streamed awards show.

33 Dimensions began maintaining the website in 2019 and conducted a complete site re-design in 2022.

RHIFF website




The Badlees

A Pennsylvania-based rock band who has achieved national and international fame through their multi-decade career, The Badlees continue to record and perform quality rock music.

33 Dimensions first built a website for the group in 2011 and we have completely reconstructed the site several times since as their career has unfolded, with the latest designed being implemented in 2022.

The Badlees website



Sinclair Soul

Sinclair Soul

An active professional music project, Sinclair Soul is an original roots-rock group based in Pennsylvania. They burst onto the music scene with the spiritually-themed 2017 album, The Journey and have released several critically-acclaimed albums since. In 2023 the group revealed that their upcoming record will be their final in the collection.

Since their website launch in 2013, we have designed and redesigned several times.

Sinclair Soul website



New Pulp Tales

New Pulp Tales

Founded by author J.D. Cook, New Pulp Tales publishes weekly story installments hearkening back to the golden era of magazine storytelling while also blazing new trails. The website was born as a result of Chinese food and a Heidi Ruby Miller class on the rising genre of New Pulp, so like-minded classmates joined together to create a web platform where they could create original pulp tales for a modern audience.

33 Dimensions has hosted and maintained their website since 2019.

New Pulp Tales website



Comics Movies and Games

Comics, Movies & Games

Founded by author J.D. Cook, Comics, Movies & Games evolved out of the geekiest posts written on the website Big Blue Bullfrog. The goal is to honestly discuss the best aspects of geek media and critique the things we believe can be improved upon. We will also bring you diverse opinions and articles of note, as well as publish a few of our own geeky works of art in due time.

Comics, Movies & Games website



Stu Leask art

Artist Stu Leask

Acrylic painter Stu Leask draws on his eye for light with his unique compositions that each tell a unique story through his paintings.

33 Dimensions began working with Stu in 2020 as we design and support online efforts to present his artwork.

Stu Leask website



Cygnus Wave

Cygnus Wave Records

An independent record label and music publishing company founded in 2005, Cygnus Wave has brought the music of Pennsylvania-based artists to the world through distribution on all major platforms. Cygnus Wave has also been involved with several benefits and non-profits through the years.

33 Dimensions has conducted several redesigns of this company’s website through the years as this remains one of our oldest affiliates dating back to 2009.

Cygnus Wave website



Kids Theatre News

Kids Theatre News

Started by a ‘theatre mom” in Pennsylvania, Kids Theatre News provides information on theatres, auditions, classes, camps, workshops, school productions, theatre company performances, and much more.

33 Dimensions designed and helped launch the original Central Pennsylvania site in early 2013, with future sites in other medium market locations coming soon.

Kids Theatre News website



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