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33 Dimensions Newsletter
March 3, 2012

Leap of FaithThank You for 3 Great Years!

I remember how pleasantly surprised I was when I found that the domain name for “33Dimensions” was still available on the morning of March 3rd 2009. Partially due to the fact I was producing an album called Imaginary Lines 33, and partially due to the date itself, I had just thought up the name and thought it fit with all the diverse projects on which I was working. I had known for a while that I would eventually tie everything together into one clean “organization” based on website design, music production, and creative arts. But it wasn’t until that Tuesday morning three years ago when, as I was getting ready for work, I came up with this odd name which made so much sense to me that I immediately registered the .com, .org, ,net, and .info domains and started building this business.

However, starting a small business is no small task and finding that precise moment to take that “leap” from a full-time established job to a full-time brand new business owner is something that takes many calculations and re-calculations. When I started actively building this business in March 2009, I estimated that I could be ready to do it full time in about 6 months (in fact, my target date was 09/09/09). In reality, it took over two years of trial, error, and success, but that day did come last April.

One of the most rewarding things about running this business is being able to apply my experience to other small business owners who are getting started and are at the same place I was a short while ago. Working with small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs has been and will always be our primary mission at 33 Dimensions, even 30 years from today when we celebrate our 33rd anniversary.

Ric Albano
Creative Director
33 Dimensions LLC

Writers Wanted!

We have an immediate need for article writers on several of our sites. Most articles are >500 words but assignments can range from and simple blogs, posts, or tweets to multi-thousand word essays. Subjects include a wide variety, especially rock and pop music, but also current events and politics, sports, movie reviews, video game reviews, lifestyle, and philosophy.

Also, we will be holding a contest in which we’ll judge submitted reviews of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller. In addition to having their review published on multiple websites, the winner will receive a cash reward and publication in a future newsletter. Deadline for entry is March 31st.

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of these opportunities please email us at info@33dimensions.com and we will give you many more details.

Client News

Classic Rock ReviewAs we mentioned last time, Classic Rock Review has migrated to a new, permanent home at ClassicRockReview.com. Earlier this week, the site wrapped up its profile of the year of 1977 by featuring that year’s album of the year, The Stranger by Billy Joel and began its profile of the year 1982 with a review of Van Halen’s Diver Down yesterday (March 2nd).

Modern Rock ReviewYesterday was “Van Halen Day” on a couple of our sites as Modern Rock Review did a review of that band’s latest album, A Different Kind of Truth by author Blaise Greco III. The site is planning upcoming features on artists Harper and Foo Fighters.

Big Blue BullfrogBig Blue Bullfrog recently completed a countdown of The Top 10 Films of 2011 and will run a new four-part series called The Philosopher’s Stone starting next week. Also, the site’s editorial staff will officially endorse a candidate in the 2012 Presidential Election on Monday.

We will be making a lot of updates to The Badlees Website in preparation of what will be a very active 2012 for the band. Much more on this in the next newsletter.

DAMES of PAStarting Monday, DAMES of PA will count down their Top Five Albums of 2011 by Pennsylvania artists, with a new album revealed each day through Friday. During the following week of March 12th, the site will count down the Top Five Songs by Pennsylvania artists. These Top Five countdowns have been a March tradition for the site since its origin in 2009. However, this year’s countdown will be the last new material published on DAMES of PA, as its function of covering Pennsylvania-based music and events will be taken on by a brand new web site called Keystone Rock Review, which we plan on launching in April.

We strive for the growth and success of all our customers!

33 Dimensions
P.O. Box 126
Highspire, PA 17034


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