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Kids Theatre News 2014 design

Kids Theatre News

Started by a ‘theatre mom” in Pennsylvania, Kids Theatre News provides information on theatres, auditions, classes, camps, workshops, school productions, theatre company performances, and much more. 33 Dimensions designed and helped launch the original Central Pennsylvania site in early 2013, with future sites in other medium market locations coming soon.

Kids Theatre News website

Badlees Website 2013

The Badlees

The Badlees are a Pennsylvania band that has achieved national fame and continue to record and perform quality music. 33 Dimensions built a quality site at in 2011 and completely reconstructed the site in 2012 ahead of the band’s compilation package See Me As a Picture, The Best So Far 1990-2012. In 2013, we implemented a third design in conjunction with the album Epiphones and Empty Rooms.

The Badlees website

River Of Rock 2016

River of Rock Music Network

Made up of four anchor “rock review” websites as well as several affiliates, the River of Rock music network was founded in 2010 and has grown internationally ever since. As the corporate owner of the River of Rock, 33 Dimensions develops all web, social media, SEO, branding, and multimedia for this network.

River of Rock website

Modern Rock Review website screenshot

Modern Rock Review

33 Dimensions developed and manages Modern Rock Review, the grandfather rock music site of the River of Rock music network, launched in October 2010 to offer in-depth profiles, articles, and reviews on contemporary musical artists. The website has a worldwide audience and has been updated several times, including a major renovation in 2013 to a fully responsive website.

Modern Rock Review website

Classic Rock Review 2017

Classic Rock Review

Classic Rock Review was established at the beginning of 2011 on a five year schedule to provide album reviews of relevant material from the classic years spanning from 1965 to 1995. Every two months, the site focuses on the music of a new year in classic music along with periodic special features on important moments in the history of rock music.

Classic Rock Review website

Roots Rock Review 2017

Roots Rock Review

The newest memebr of the River of Rock network, Roots Rock Review was launched in 2016 and focuses both on modern day Americana-influenced artists, albums and events and the American historical genres of blues, jazz, country, R&B, Gospel, soul, and early rock and roll.

Roots Rock Review website

Keystone Rock Review 2017

Keystone Rock Review

As a successor to DAMES of PA (an original client of 33 Dimensions), Keystone Rock Review was established to promote Pennsylvania artists and musicians and has grown to include more general interest people and events in Pennsylvania. 33 Dimensions designed and developed the site starting in 2012.

Keystone Rock Review website

Big Blue Bullfrog  Website 2013

Big Blue Bullfrog

Big Blue Bullfrog was established in 2006 as a showcase for the literary work of a young writer but has since expanded to include movie, music, game, and stage reviews as well as a hefty dose of NFL football and political commentary. 33 Dimensions has built, maintained, and performed two major revisions to the site, with the 2.0 re-launch in 2011 and the fully responsive version 3.0 in 2013.

Big Blue Bullfrog website

Cygnus Wave 2017

Cygnus Wave Records

Cygnus Wave is an independent record label and publishing company with several album releases and counting. The site was originally developed with the label’s founding in 2005 and a major redesign was made by 33 Dimensions in 2011.

Cygnus Wave website


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