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Cornerstone Coffeehouse

Cornerstone Coffeehouse

Since its opening in 1994, the Cornerstone Coffeehouse has been a popular destination for those seeking great coffee, positive energy, and a warm and diverse sense of community in Camp Hill, PA. 33 Dimensions first implemented a new design for Cornerstone in 2012 and more recently we’ve redesigned the website to be responsive and more user friendly.

Cornerstone Coffeehouse website

Greco Brokerage

Greco Brokerage

An independent brokerage company with offices in Central Florida and Northeastern Pennsylvania, Greco Brokerage offers multiple types of life insurance and annuity plans as well as wealth transfer and finacial needs analysis, IRAs, pension rollovers, estate conservation, buy-sell agreements and other services. In no way a captive agent, they use field marketing organizations to shop for the best product and competitive price for their clients. Starting in 2014, 33 Dimensions has been providing web, marketing, and multi-media services for Greco Brokerage.

Greco Brokerage website

Amish Furniture and Crafts

Amish Furniture and Crafts

Amish Furniture and Crafts is a family owned business located in Central Pennsylvania which offers high quality wood furniture, poly furniture and fine tin signs and hand-made crafts. This business has a presence at Roots Farm Market in Manheim, PA. 33 Dimensions developed a website and social media presence for this company starting in 2020.

Amish Furniture and Crafts website

Pastorella Health and Fitness

Pastorella Health and Fitness

The Pastorella Health & Fitness Center ( is dedicated to combining 21st century fitness technology with ancient healing wisdom to prepare individuals to fight their own personal life battles. 33 Dimensions developed a comprehensive website and multimedia solution starting in 2016, with premium content where Sifi Rich Pastorella can provide lessons based on over 30 years of experience.

Yoga 4 Healthful Living design

Yoga 4 Healthful Living

The mission of Yoga 4 Healthful Living is to offer a safe and supportive atmosphere for group classes, private sessions, and workshops. They do this for customers in the Harrisburg area by teaching the healing potential of yoga in a way that is appropriate to the age, condition, and life of the student.

Yoga 4 Healthful Living website

Cornerstone Culinary Kitchen

Cornerstone Culinary Kitchen

In February of 2004, the Cornerstone Culinary Kitchen was added to the Camp Hill location of the Cornerstone Coffeehouse to host cooking classes that instruct, educate, inspire and (above all) entertain. Private classes are also held for business dinners, client appreciation dinners, special occasions and more. These classes and events are held in a beautiful private room with a Tuscan inspired design.

Cornerstone Culinary Kitchen website

Ron the Bagman

Ron the Bagman

R. Davis Enterprises, Inc was founded in 1993 by Tawny Davis and her husband “Ron the Bagman“. The business offers high quality plastic bags and several other whole products along with warehouse, distribution, and logistical services along with LTL trucking and “white glove” delivery services. 33 Dimensions created a new website for the Bagman in late 2012 with a refined design in 2014.

Ron the Bagman website

Ag Plastic Solutions design 2017

Ag Plastic Solutions

Ag Plastic Solutions is a new recycling business, started in February of 2015, which recycles agricultural plastics for farmers in South Central Pennsylvania as well as parts of Maryland and Virginia. 33 Dimensions built a website and several social media channels for this business in early 2017.

Ag Plastic Solutions website

Midstate Abstract design 2017

Midstate Abstract Company

Midstate Abstract Company follows the Best Practices of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and has conducted its self-assessment in compliance with ALTA’s Best Practices. Located in Camp Hill, PA, Midstate Abstract Company primarily serves customers in South Central PA, including Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, York, Adams, Franklin, Lebanon and Lancaster counties. 33 Dimensions built a website for Midstate Abstract starting in 2016.

Midstate Abstract Company website

ER Cycles

ER Cycles

Luzerne County business ER Cycles offers full service, repair and state inspection of all major brands of motorcycles, ATVs and side-by-sides as well as aftermarket and OEM parts to service these off-road vehicles. 33 Dimensions built a website for ER Cycles starting in 2016.

ER Cycles website

Mike Kaminski design 2015

Michael B. Kaminski, Author

Author Mike Kaminski wrote a biographical account about his life as a police officer, his fall from grace, and ultimate redemption. In 2015, we built a website to promote Mike’s book, Life After Russian Roulette: Game Over, as well as helped with promotional events such as book signings.

Mike Kaminski website

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