Two Website Lessons from 2013

If there are two lessons that everyone should come away from 2013 learning about websites, I would say it would have to be these: 1. There is absolutely no such thing as a “free” website! 2. A website should not cost over $600 million! I will tackle the second point … Continue reading

Small Business Saturday

This year marks the fourth Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday following “Black Friday” with a mission to steer holiday shoppers towards small and local businesses instead of national, “big box” retailers. The holiday was conceived by American Express in 2010 as a promotional campaign, but it soon took on … Continue reading

Broderick Crawford Day

33 Dimensions Newsletter for October 4, 2013 “10-4” A friend of mine always calls this day “Broderick Crawford Day” in honor of the actor who portrayed the fedora-wearing character on the 1950s television show Highway Patrol. One of the signature shots of that series was Crawford’s character barking rapid-fire dialogue … Continue reading

We Most Certainly Have Our Work Cut Out For Us

  33 Dimensions Newsletter, Labor Day edition September 2, 2013 Happy Labor Day everyone. In the literal spirit of today’s holiday, I am writing this brief newsletter to reaffirm my comittment to work harder than anyone for the success of my customers and my company. In all honesty, this has … Continue reading

Summer Savings

  33 Dimensions Newsletter July 26, 2013 It is hard to believe that July is almost gone and summer is about to enter into the home stretch. To help ease the transition of “summer days drifting away”, 33 Dimensions is running a special now through September 30th with a further … Continue reading

  • Multimedia Production

    In competition for content relevance, companies and organizations are using images, graphics, and short videos as an extremely effective way to get their message out. 33 Dimensions produces original graphics and video montages which are attractive and interesting.
  • Marketing & Analytics

    For some time now, smart marketers have been using a new set of tools to monitor their markets, with the real potential being the ability to dynamically respond to analytics. Businesses can now instantly meet customer needs and explore new market opportunities.